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Types of sofas you should use in your living room if you have overnight guests


Oh, what a year 2014 was! Full of adventure and excitement, it was the perfect time to celebrate our friend’s birthday in Montreal. I was thrilled to get away from Ottawa with my friends for the weekend and take some time off from school. We decided to book a cozy two-bedroom apartment on Airbnb. And guess what? I ended up on the sofa! When I volunteered to sleep on the sofa, I was expecting an old, wretched, stringy bed, but to my surprise, it was the opposite.

         When it comes to hosting overnight guests in your living room, having the perfect sofa can truly elevate their sleep  experience. We will explore some fabulous sofa options that are perfect for your guests.

  1. Sleeper Sofas: These versatile sofas are designed with a hidden mattress that can be easily pulled out when needed. They offer a convenient solution for transforming your living room into a cozy guest bedroom.

          An example is the Harmony Modular Sleeper Sofa from West Elm. 


Furniture for livingroom
  1. Daybeds: Daybeds are not only stylish but also practical for accommodating overnight guests. With their twin-size mattress and backrest that doubles as a headboard, they provide both seating and sleeping space in one piece of furniture. This style is perfect for a home office. 

          We love this double-layered option from Bed Bath and Beyond. 

Sofas you should use in your livingroom
  1. Futons: Futons have come a long way from their traditional design. Nowadays, you can find sleek and modern futon options that easily convert from a sofa to a bed. They are great space-saving solutions for smaller living rooms.

          Wayfair has a lot of good Futtons. We found this midcentury styled futton. Wayfair Futton.

livingroom furniture


  1. Sectional Sofas with Chaise Lounge: If you have enough space in your living room, consider a sectional sofa with a chaise lounge. This allows your guests to stretch out comfortably while still being part of the social setting. I love this style becasue it is versatile. It’s modern and can go with almost any design theme you have in your home. Check out this sectional sofa from Article.
sectional sofa for livingroom

        Remember, choosing the right type of sofa depends on factors such as available space, personal style preferences, and  budget considerations. By selecting the right sofa option, you can ensure that your overnight guests feel welcomed and enjoy a good night’s sleep in your living room-turned-bedroom!

Are you about to purchase a sofa?

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