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                                                              Three interior designers showcase their unique transformation of a bedroom in 

                                                               ‘Architectural Digest’.



Home tours offer a unique glimpse into how people live, but this time Architectural Digest took it a step further by giving us the chance to hear directly from the designers. It was a different and exciting experience. 

Three interior designers were given a blank space with no restrictions, allowing them to be creative and freely explore their design ideas. 

I’ve seen this particular episode of the show three times, and each time I am amazed by how the human mind works. 

I found it inspiring to see the different perspectives and techniques each designer used to

 create their own unique style. It is important to keep in mind that factors such as experience, background,

 personal taste and more can all influence the ideas that the designers came up with for this bedroom. 

Alvin’s interior design style is luxury combined with cozy and modern. I love how he used warm 

colours to give his room a sophisticated look. I was intrigued by how the colours were layered in this room, 

with the addition of deep brown and orange shades adding depth.

The archway leading to the balcony created a soothing atmosphere in the room, 

and it is no secret that well-selected wallpaper can significantly make a room look more appealing.

Laura mentioned that her interior design style is tailored, layered and classically modern. 

It was nice to hear her initial thoughts on the space because they seemed to influence all of

 the other choices she made. For example, she felt the space looked too spacious, so she used furniture,

 architectural elements and accessories to create a sense of intimacy in the bedroom. I especially

 liked the stationary panels and French doors leading to the balcony.

Lula’s design was breathtaking and unexpected. Her design style is contemporary and 

minimalist. Her design gave off the feeling of being on vacation. I particularly liked how 

she used the azul cielo marble to mimic the sky.

In contrast to Laura’s approach, which focused on creating intimacy, Luna opted for an open design, 

using features such as long vertical openings on the walls, a wide circular window, 

and minimal furniture to achieve this effect. 

Overall, each room was designed in such a way that it was possible to enjoy the decor,

 comfort and functionality all at once. 

However, if I had to choose one bedroom design for my home, it would be Laura’s.

 Intimacy is very important to me and that was what sold me on this room in particular. 

How about you, which bedroom design was your favourite?

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