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                                                                           The Role Of Artwork in Interior Design

I attended an art exhibition by Brazilian contemporary artist Fabiana Salomao last Friday.

That day, her exhibition inspired me to write about the role of art in interior design.

I used to have trouble understanding some art styles, like abstract art.

But then, Fabiana explained one of her geometric paintings to me and Jen. She said,

abstract art

‘’When it comes to her art, she enjoys leaving it up to the viewer for interpretation’’. 

If you think about it, emotions play a big role in how we experience art.

As Jen and I discussed our interpretation of this art piece, I noticed how

I felt like I was in a closed room when I stood a few inches away from the painting,

compared to when I took more steps backwards, and then, it transformed into a shed.

Artwork can be a reflection of your personality, taste, and style.

For instance, I’m drawn to paintings and drawings that narrate stories,

because I have a passion for storytelling. 

The drawings below are examples of my previous work. 

They represent how I felt at the time, and this was the best way I could express myself.

You could interpret the images as me being overwhelmed, or having a lot of responsibility,

or you might see something else. 

I recall working on a basement for a client who wanted it to be his personal ‘man cave’.

He asked for photos of famous African American leaders to be displayed on the walls.

By using this type of art in his space, he was conveying a sense of history,

cultural importance, and legacy.

Finally, art in the home can serve as a focal point. When you enter a room,

everything else seems to fade into the background as your eyes are drawn

to that particular piece or gallery wall. I admire when art is strategically

placed in a space because it shows that the person put a lot of thought and care

into the arrangement.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this. Do any of these points resonate with you

when choosing art in your home?

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