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Bansi Patel Virtual Designer at Studio fintan

Bansi is an architectural designer. She has a passion for creating captivating experiences and embraces various design styles. Bansi’s preference leans towards infusing spaces with a modern and contemporary touch, offering versatility and an authentic character that reflects individual preferences. She views design as an exciting opportunity to perceive spaces through people’s eyes. Bansi’s palette is adorned with contemporary tones, creating spacious and comfortable spaces for activities while blending natural and artificial elements, that are curated according to personal preferences.


During her leisure time, she indulges in her love for travel, reading, cooking, and cherishing moments with her loved ones, including family and friends.


bedroom interior design

If we had to sum up this project in just three words, we’d go with “Fun, Daring, and Elegant.” Our main objective for this bedroom design was to maximize the space in this spacious master bedroom. Our client specifically requested a cozy spot to enjoy their morning coffee.


The background of the bedroom played a significant role in shaping the overall design. To enhance the ambiance, we incorporated a stunning accent wall with a unique textured wallpaper. This added depth and visual interest to the space. Additionally, we carefully selected a colour palette that complemented the background, using soft neutrals and pops of vibrant colours to create a balanced and inviting atmosphere. 

bedroom interior