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interior designer, interior decorator

Subomi’s interior design style is mid-century modern with elements of vintage, rustic and eclectic decor. She loves working with clients to create functional spaces that are accessible and fit into their everyday lifestyles.

When she is not decorating spaces, she loves cooking, travelling and watching documentaries.


This hallway design exemplifies the importance of listening to our client’s vision.  While we initially proposed two exciting options – a bold wallpaper statement or a warm, earthy aesthetic – the client’s desire for a “minimal, cozy,  and timeless” space guided our final approach.

The beauty of hallways lies in their potential to transition you from one space to another, offering a glimpse into the personality of the home.  

In this particular hallway, the black and white photography in the gallery wall serves a dual purpose.  It complements the timeless feel the client desired, while also providing a striking contrast to the vibrant pillows and cozy grey bench.

Why Gallery Walls?

Gallery walls are a popular choice for several reasons:

  • Personalization: They allow you to showcase a curated collection of artwork, photographs, or sentimental objects that tell a story about the homeowner or the style of the house.

Ultimately, the success of any design project hinges on understanding and fulfilling the client’s vision.

Sumptuous hallway area adorned with opulent accents and plush seating

The master bedroom design strikes a beautiful balance between minimal luxury and inviting warmth.  Our initial draft featured a vibrant mustard bench, a colour our client instantly connected with.

While the initial wooden backdrop idea was intriguing, ultimately, a curated artwork took center stage behind the bed. The black found in the standing mirror, lumbar pillow, and artwork serves multiple purposes:

First of all the black elements add a touch of sophistication and help “ground” the space visually, preventing it from feeling overly light and airy. Secondly, black and white is a classic colour combination that ensures the design remains stylish for years to come.

Our choice of the curved dresser adds a touch of softness to the room, which can be especially welcome in a space dominated by straight lines, like bedframe, walls and windows.

Finally, the inclusion of two barrel chairs is a design win on multiple fronts. Compared to traditional armchairs, barrel chairs often have a smaller footprint, making them ideal for maximizing space in a bedroom.


Stylish modern bedroom escape featuring cozy furnishings and contemporary accents