Studio Fintan

Studio Fintan


Juliet is an interior decorator who is driven by the philosophy that Interior design should be an authentic expression of who we are and how we want to be seen. 
She believes every unique piece, color pattern, and element within a space serves a purpose and is part of a larger narrative. From conveying a message about a time or event to invoking an emotion, she aims to create a space that is not only welcoming, unique, or functional but has the ability to tell a story.
As a certified project management professional (PMP), Juliet possesses a high level of organizational and planning skills. She values close collaboration with her clients, ensuring a thorough understanding of their needs and desires. She believes that the client’s input is crucial in creating a space that truly reflects their vision and aligns with their lifestyle. She is committed to bringing the vision to life in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and impactful.
When she is not designing, she enjoys watching movies, going on walks, and writing
Elegantly transitional living room combining modern sophistication with classic charm for a refined ambiance

We wanted to create a space that effortlessly combines modern and mid-century aesthetics, with a touch of transitional style. One of the standout features is the custom-made shelf that not only serves as a functional storage solution but also acts as a stylish focal point in the room.

We made sure to create enough space for displaying art pieces, as they add a personal and unique touch to any space. Now, let’s talk about our favorite element – the chairs from Wayfair. These beauties stole our hearts with their sleek lines, comfortable seating, and impeccable design.

Overall, this living room design embodies a contemporary yet timeless feel, making it a perfect space for relaxation, gatherings, and enjoying life’s precious moments.

Tranquil transitional living room design with soft hues and serene accents for a peaceful retreat