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When you walk into certain rooms, you immediately know what they are used for based on their interior decor.

Let’s take the oval office in the white house as an example, which has maintained a classical design theme through different presidents. At first glance, you are struck by the room’s symmetry, history, and authority.

I’ve always had an idea of what type of interior design style I liked, but the biggest challenge for me was when I had to face my first bohemian/mid-century client. 

According to House Beautiful, bohemian design thinks outside the box. It is random, eclectic, and devoid of structure and order’’. 

In this particular case, I worked with a client who provided me with all the design inspiration and colours she was looking for in her space. In the beginning, I was close to declining this job but later decided to give it a try.

Through the consultation, I gained a better understanding of her. She told me about certain colours that made her happy, and how she wanted to incorporate this style into her apartment without cluttering it. Despite its small size, this apartment had to be functional in every corner. 

That’s why designers must get to know their clients. We have to consider small details when it comes to our clients, such as their reactions to specific images or textures. This makes our design feel more alive, allowing our clients to interact and form memories. 

The following would be my description of each interior design style if I were to assign one positive characteristic to it. Although, you may see things differently. 

Minimalist: Practical

Contemporary: Adaptable

Feng Shui: Balanced

Traditional: Tasteful

Mid-century modern: Resourceful

Transitional: Versatile

Industrial: Self-disciplined

Bohemian: Adventurous

Coastal: Affable

Scandinavian: Open

Hollywood Regency: Personable

Art Deco: Sociable

Modern Farmhouse: Warm

Eclectic: Daring

Rustic: Meticulous

Shabby Chic: Charming/ Witty

If you have the time, look up some of the styles I have listed above and try to assign a character trait to each of them.

Let me know which types you were fascinated with the most. 

Remember to keep it positive!

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