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                                                                    HOME DECOR RULES YOU SHOULD KNOW


Whenever I cook, I use a certain set of ingredients. I refer to them as the famous 7. 


Okay, I just made that up… but most of my meals contain seven ingredients. The ingredients are salt, pepper, Knorr cubes, curry powder, thyme, onions, and garlic. 


Each meal will contain the appropriate amount of ingredients based on the portion of the meal, so I can’t include them in all dishes. 


It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard of home decor or interior design rules. Although I encourage people to be spontaneous when decorating, there are some interior decorating mistakes that can be avoided. 


In this blog, I’ve listed some rules you should watch out for when decorating your home. 


    1. Bedframe: If I had a small bedroom, I’d go for a full bedframe rather than a king or queen. It is better to have some breathing space than to have a cluttered room. 



    1. Rug size:  Imagine a big sofa with a small rug underneath. Ideally, your rug should be slightly bigger than your sofa. However, if you think large-area rugs are expensive I’d recommend having no rug 



  1. Mix and match: This can be applied to your interior decorating style, colours, shapes, patterns and materials in your room. For example, as much as I adore a minimal-styled room, it will seem too muted. You can make things more interesting in your room by adding vintage furniture or colourful contemporary art. 


Another example is having a room filled with too many gold decor items when trying to achieve a glam room design. A better option will be to introduce another metal or texture to soften the room. 



    1. Layers:  Your home can be made more attractive by decorating its surfaces. Whether it’s window treatments or art on the walls, there’s always something to be done.  You can arrange pillows on a sofa, place decorative objects on a table, and so much more. 



Regardless of which rule you choose, make sure to apply the right proportion to your space.


I’m happy to answer your questions via video consultation if you’re still unsure about what direction to take.





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