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                                                   Creating an outdoor  living space


While shopping in Yorkville, you can find some interesting and well-designed window displays at various retail stores. 

My favourite display at the time was at the Moncler store. The closer I got to the window, the more

 I felt I was being transported into space. 

With summer in full swing, outdoor living has become more popular. This includes backyards, patios, 

or balconies. Ideally, you want a style that feels comfortable as well as stylish. The cost of buying

 new outdoor furniture is often underestimated, especially if you plan to remodel the exterior of your home. 

Recently, I noticed a Victorian house that was three storeys high in Rosedale. It looked abandoned, 

like something from a horror movie. I was surprised to see a ”for sale” sign at the corner. 

I admire Canadians for their love of their historic buildings. 

It would likely take more than cutting the lawn and painting, for the entire house to be restored,

 but let’s come back to your house. The exterior of your home can be improved with a few changes.

The first thing you need to think of is how you can make it unique while also keeping it functional. 

Not every home needs an outdoor grill.

I’ll use this home as an example. 

While designing this project, it was important to understand the purpose of the outdoor space. 

The homeowner wanted a room she could relax in, have guests over for drinks, and read. 

I especially liked the swing porch chair. It adds a playful, relaxing element to the balcony. 

Secondly, add some colour to set the tone. You can explore all kinds of colours when decorating your 

outdoor space. Are you looking for a serene and relaxing outdoor space or an energetic and bold space? 

It would be best to do this with accessories that can be moved around easily. For instance, throw pillows. 

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the balcony railings, and door and window trims will also make them look better. 

The third piece of advice is to pay attention to the ambience. I love good lighting at night. Some people use a fire pit, 

while others use lanterns or light strings. It’s no wonder that Mindy Weiss creates such a romantic evening ambience. 

Explore different shapes and sizes of outdoor plants. If you like, you can use artificial plants. This brings interest to your space. 

This picture shows how I placed the smaller plants in front. Some people would rather have a plant wall. 

Remember they don’t have to match.

I hope these tips will inspire you to create a beautiful outdoor space for your home! Feel free to send me some pictures of the progress. 

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