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                                                            How do you display items in your home

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced this. I’m on my way home after a 

wonderful day of socializing. I’m in a good mood, lost in my thoughts, smiling as I recall my conversations with whoever I was with.

Suddenly it hits me that I may have overshared too much.  As panic slowly rises, 

I try to stay in control because I tell myself that I was in a safe space. Like most introverts, I share this experience.  

Whenever you invite someone into your home, you are sharing a part of your life with them. 

This gives them an opportunity to see how you live as well as what you love. Home means a

 lot to me because I also imagine it as a safe space. Engaging with people in public places and 

then coming home to recharge is something I will gladly do. It is still important to have certain 

areas in both our homes and businesses off-limits to guests. Our bedrooms are typically 

one of the most off-limits spaces. 

Every now and then I enjoy watching Architectural Digest’s celebrity homes. 

I love seeing the items in their homes that they love the most. Some of us might 

consider it a luxury to have an original The New York Times sign in our home offices like Tommy Hilfiger did. 

Perhaps you enter another person’s home and find that they display pictures of themselves. 

We might view it from the outside as a beautiful picture, but to them, it’s a memory that they 

can relive because it means something. 

Creating a home that represents your unique identity and perception of the world 

around you is the best thing about decorating. It’s incredible how you can have a 

home designed like an art gallery, with beautiful contemporary sculptures and paintings, 

compared to a traditional family home. 

Unfortunately, not everyone gets their way. Just because you love something doesn’t 

mean it fits your lifestyle. Imagine for a moment that you are a parent and you really

 like the idea of having a white sofa that isn’t performance fabric in addition to that, 

you have toddlers that like to explore the house and show off their talents when they paint. 

We both know how that will end.

Can you think of your favourite item in your house? What makes it so special to you? 

Perhaps it’s a gift or an award, or maybe it’s a drawing on the fridge. 

Whatever you consider beautiful is beautiful.

My favourite thing to have in my home is this photo from a friend that I received. 

You can find his Instagram account @ oladimej.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts!

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